How to Maintain the Ties of Kinship with Ones Female Cousins

Shaykh Abdul Azeez ibn Baaz rahimahullaahu ta`aalaa was asked:

Q: How should the visitation of one’s female cousins be, as they are from the blood relations of a person?

A: Visiting ones relatives is something that is prescribed, especially those relatives that are forbidden for a person to marry, such as the maternal and paternal uncles, or the paternal aunts and their like, as much as it is easy to do so; or (a person maintains the ties of kinship with them) by writing to them, or by phone – all of that is good.

What is important is that there are good, pleasant ties, and you are not cut off; rather good, pleasant ties, with kind words, visits, and telephone conversations and the like of that.

As for if the one you are visiting is a female permissible for you to marry then there is no harm in that providing the visit does not contain seclusion, or trial (fitnah), or has something doubtful in it – then there is no harm if you visited her in the presence of her husband, or her brother or her father; a visit that is based on love and keeping the blood ties. “Assalaamu `alaikum, giving the greeting of Salaam (peace), how are you? How is…?” Ect.

Then there is no harm in that, that a person maintains the ties of kinship without there being any evil suspicion, or anything that is forbidden, and providing there is no seclusion, and the woman does not show off her beauty, and does not expose any of her adornment.

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