The Ruling on Disciplining Children by Hitting Them

Shaykh Abdul Azeez ibn Baaz rahimahullaah was asked:

Q: Sometimes I get angry with my children, so I make various supplications against them, and sometimes I hit them, and I raise my voice occasionally. Is there any sin upon me regarding such – bearing in mind that I do not intend to do such; however it occurs from due to anger?

A: I advise you with gentleness, and be warned of making supplication against your children.

As for hitting them then there is no harm if you were to hit them lightly, to discipline them, – if they were to do wrong and you saw that hitting them had some benefit – then it is to be a light, gentle hit, that brings about discipline and guides them to good.

As for making supplication against them for their destruction, or swearing at them and cursing them then this is not permissible. It is upon you to strive against yourself in that regard.

And Allaah – Exalted & Most High – He is the One Who grants Success, and He is the One who Aids, so ask Him for success and aid; and strive to safeguard your tongue from uttering anything other than good speech, and with supplication for goodness for your children.

Q: She says the anger gets the better of her O Noble Shaykh.

A: In any case, upon her is to strive her utmost, upon her is to strive – and that which overtakes her unintentionally, as long as it is not deliberate – we hope that Allaah will Pardon her for.

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