The Night of the Middle of Sha`baan

Shaykh al-Albaanee rahimahullaah mentions in his ‘Silsilatul-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah‘ vol. 3 pp. 135:

((Allaah the Exalted and Most High looks down at His creation the night of the middle of  Sha`baan[1], so he forgives all of His creation, except for a polytheist [mushrik] or one who has enmity [in his heart].))

He said: “[This is] an authentic narration, reported from a group of the Companions with different chains of narrations that strengthen each other. And they are: Mu`aadh bin Jabal, and Abu Tha`labah al-Khushanee, and Abdullaah bin `Amr, and Abu Moosaa al-Ash`aree, and Abu Hurayrah, and Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq, and `Awf bin Maalik, and `Aaishah [may Allaah be pleased with them all].

Reported by Ibn Abee `Aasim in ‘as-Sunnah‘ no. 512…”

[1] Sha`baan: the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, the month preceding Ramadaan.


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3 Responses to The Night of the Middle of Sha`baan

  1. Ruby bint Abdul Majid. says:

    As Salaamu alaikum. May Allaah have mercy upon you. Would you know what has been said and who said it, regarding why the sun on the morning of Layla tul-Qadr is the way it is please. (Something to do with the Angels ascending).

    • saadburbank says:

      Wa alaikumus Salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barkaatuh wa maghfiratuhu;

      Imam Muslim – may Allah have mercy upon him – mentions in his Sahih no. 762 from a narration of Zirr bin Hubaysh that he said: ‘I asked Ubayy b. Ka’b – may Allah be pleased with him -: Ibn Mas’ud’s brother says: “He who stands for the night prayer throughout the year would find the Night of Decree.” Thereupon he said: “May Allah have mercy upon him; He wanted that people might not rely only on one night; however he knew that it is in the month of Ramadan, during the last ten, and it is the twenty-seventh night.” He then took an oath without making any exceptions that it was the twenty-seventh night. I said to him: “Abul Mundhir, on what basis do you say that?” He replied: “By the indication or by the sign which the Messenger of Allah gave us, and that is that on that day (the sun) would rise without having any rays.”

      Imam an-Nawawi – may Allah have mercy upon him – said in explanation:

      “al-Qaadi `Iyaadh said: It is said the meaning of it having no rays is a sign from Allah the Most High that he made for it. And it is said: Due to the great number of angels passing on that night, their descending to the earth and ascending with that which they come down, they screen with their wings and their gracious bodies the light and rays of the sun. And Allah knows best.”

      Shaykh al-Albaanee – may Allah have mercy upon him – mentions the following narration in as-Silsilah no. 2205: “The night of predetermination is the twenty-seventh or the twenty-ninth; the angels on that night are more upon the earth than the number of pebbles.”

      Reported by al-Tayaalisee in his ‘Musnad’ no. 2545, and Ahmad 2/519; and likewise by Ibn Khuzaymah in his ‘Sahih’ 2/223 from a narration of Imran al-Qattaan from Qataadah from Abu Maymoonah from Abu Hurayrah – traceable to the Prophet sallAllaahu `alaihi wa sallam. I say: ‘It has a good chain of narration, al-Haafidh [Ibn Hajr] was silent regarding it in ‘al-Fath’ (4/209).

      And Allah the Most High knows best, and may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and his Companions.

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